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Kartago services is a specialized placement and recruiting agency for both full-time and part-time jobs. Our highly competent staff will help you define your need and find the most suitable candidates


  • You seek! We recruit

    Our extensive experience in the field of placement and recruiting makes us confident in the high quality, personalized and professional service that we offer. This, of course, enables us to provide you with the best candidates only and who meet the employee’s profile, which you are seeking.

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  • Searching for a job ?

    If you are presently looking for more stimulating and rewarding job that will bring you new challenges, then you are in the right place.

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Our Expertise at Your Service!

Kartago services is known for it ability to select the staff that meets your needs, and guarantees your success in your decision-making. Our swift intervention saves you a considerable amount of time in providing you the most possible flexibility in planning and recruiting your staff.

Our Search

To us, each case is unique. Thanks to our computerized directory, we are able to carry out an efficient and quick search according to the criteria discussed during our meeting.

To Expedite a Procedure

We use the highest quality standards in regard to the Customer Services in order to analyze the needs, advices, and the search of a qualified staff. We are concerned about the needs of the candidates and the development of their careers, as well as being able to identify those who have the best chances and potential to be eventually employed by your company. We always try to make the most of what we know about the market, and we act as advisers to the candidates as well as the companies.

Areas of Activity

  • I would like to thank the whole Kartago services team for its efficiency, and its professionalism. Patrick.M

  • We are very pleased with services and appreciate the quality of your work, as well as your speed and efficiency. Stephanie.K

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